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The LineStyle class supports drawing/plotting lines with styles that go beyond simple dots/dashed patterns.  Does not use declares. The class include methods for drawing sample lines as well as creating drag items and drag pictures to drag and drop patterns.

The demo app includes a resusable UI classes to create, edit and save patterns. It also includes tools to create simple and hierarcical lists of patterns to be used in palletes

A pattern may consist of up to 32 elements or "dots", and optional independant start and end dots.
Each “dot” in the pattern:
  • Is drawn one point (theoretically 1/72”) apart in the direction of the line/plot
  • Has an independent color and may be transparent
  • Is sized independently vertically and horizontally.
    Because dots may be larger than one point they may overlap. The overlap may be used to create interesting line styles.
  • May be one of 7 different basic shapes which are modified using independant height and widths:
    Rectangular, Oval, Diamond, Triangles facing Up, Down, Left Right

Modal Pattern Editor With Examples:

Non-Modal ("Live") Mini-Editor